Oscars 2017 and Mobile World Congress MWC 2017 : Era of Digital Transformation

Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC 2017) and Oscars 2017 are both happening this week. MWC 2017 will see more than 100000 attendees come from around the world to Barcelona to experience the latest and greatest in mobile advancements and the 89th Academy Award ceremony at the Oscars is awaited by millions of people globally. So what is common between them? The answer […]

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Facebook’s Aquila Critical for Free Internet After SpaceX Explosion : Zuckerberg Undeterred, Musk Awaiting Root Cause

Did Facebook rely on SpaceX too much for delivering internet connectivity to the masses as part of its initiative? Or is Elon Musk’s SpaceX program just too risky? Is Elon Musk involved in too many projects with SpaceX, Tesla and now SolarCity? Or whether the explosion of the SpaceX rocket which was carrying Facebook’s AMOS-6 satellite at Cape Canaveral this week […]

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Q&A with Big Data Thought Leader Brian Hills, Head of Data at The Data Lab

VCloudNews is pleased to feature Brian Hills, Head of Data at The Data Lab in our Big Data Thought Leader series. Brian has 18 years experience in analytics and software engineering, across domains including Telecoms, IT and Digital. In his current role, Brian is leading the success of a national hub for data science in Scotland operating across industry/academia/public sector. He joined the Data […]

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Back to School With Cool Internet of Things (IoT) Wearables and Computing Devices : College Technology Gadgets 2016

It is that time of the year! Whether you are going back to school or just going to school, below are cool Internet of Things (IoT) and Information Technology (IT) devices selected for you. We have carefully picked all connected products based on your security, comfort, entertainment and productivity requirements while at campus. In fact this is a nice list for young professionals ‘out of college’ as well. The products are on sale so hurry before the deals go away!