Artificial Intelligence, Dual Camera But No HeadPhone Jack in Apple iPhone and Future


Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 10.06.03 PMIf you believe Mark Gurman and Bloomberg’s recent report, Apple Inc is working on a release of the next generation of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus with focus on advanced photography and higher performance hardware. According to Bloomberg, the products could be available as early as next month and will most likely feature the same screen sizes giving customers dual options. It is highly likely that the products will be branded as iPhone 7 The main features according to Mark Gurman:

Dual Cameras

The dual cameras will help render sharper images on the new iPhone models. As per Bloomberg, the new iPhone will produce brighter photos as both sensors simultaneously take a picture from best angles and then a sharper merged photograph is delivered. The two sensors also help in maintaining clarity with zoom.

Home Button

The Apple Home button is due for a change. Per Bloomberg, current home buttons are switches that physically press into the phone, but the new models will have a pressure-sensitive button that employs so-called haptic feedback. In future versions, VCloud News believes there is an opportunity for touch free gestures providing full control of the iPhone.

Bye-Bye Headphone Jack

Artificial Intelligence

The above incremental features of the iPhone have generated buzz and are interesting but the more long term impacting news for Apple’s future is its purchase of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning startup Turi for about $200 million (as per Bloomberg).

Turi is based in Seattle and was formerly known a Dato and their Machine Learning platform is developed for building predictive and intelligent applications. Started at Carnegie Mellon in 2009 as an open source project under the guidance of Carlos Guestrin, PhD., the software was initially intended for applying large scale machine learning to graph analysis. The company now offers toolkits and training for developers building Intelligent Applications. Developers can use Turi toolkits to build software that leverages machine learning technology, combining historical data and real time user interaction to make predictions and decisions. The toolkits allow developers to add recommendations, sentiment analysis, churn prediction and deep learning to create Intelligent Applications, delivering rich and adaptive experiences to users.

The race for mastering Machine Learning and AI is on with Tesla, Google, Facebook and Amazon as the top players. Google with its DeepMind subsidiary announced it will use AI in Data Centers and healthcare. One of the big possibilities  for Apple is to integrate Turi technology with Siri, Apple’s digital personal voice controlled assistant. Below is an example of how Turi’s technology can benefit retail environments according to Turi.

Use of machine learning is quite pervasive in the retail sector with firms able to greatly increase sales and customer engagement through the application of predictive analytics for item recommendations, predicting customer churn, lead and ad scoring, analyzing buyer sentiment, and identifying secondary markets among many others.

If Apple combines Siri and Turi, it will empower Siri to predict consumer behavior and suggest something to buy in real-time and based on your preferences. As per Turi:

As an example, lets consider advanced recommendation systems that take advantage of real time input like a buyer’s “likes”. These systems require retraining of the machine learning model at their core, in real time in order to ensure accurate recommendation based on the latest input. Another requirement for production ready recommenders is that their output be available to a requesting layer for presentation through a web site. Inability to meet the requesting layer service level agreement (SLA) which may be sub-seconds long, can mean the difference between an online store visitor clicking “buy now” or clicking away.

The iPhone 7 release will go down as yet another product release from Apple but the Turi acquisition will completely change the iPhone and the Apple consumer usage model.

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  • That aside, it appears as there aren’t a ton of technological advances with the iPhone 7. Sure, Apple removed the headphone jack, added a dual-lens camera, basic IPX7 water resistance and an updated chipset — but since we’ve already accepted the death of the 3.5mm jack, nothing else truly revolutionary stands out.

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