Early Stage IoT Companies Get Cisco EIR Support

Cisco, the chief sponsor for the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) World Forum held each year has been as been famously driving IoT initiative for the last several years. Continuing that commitment, Cisco has signed up Six Early-Stage Companies Into Entrepreneurs in Residence Program to Co-Develop Internet of Everything Solutions.  The focus of this eco-system will be to build Internet of Everything, Big Data/Analytics and Smart City solutions. Cisco Cohort companies take part in a six-month program of events, mentoring and collaboration geared towards bringing ideas to reality. Entrepreneurs selected to participate receive support from and introductions to business groups within Cisco, access to co-working space, and mentoring from industry experts. Program events feature opportunities to present products and ideas to investors and partners, as well. Participants are:

  • Measurence (measurence.com), based out of New York, provides a mobile analytics and intelligence platform for retailers and other businesses.
  • ParStream (parstream.com), located in California and Germany, offers a complete analytics platform built for large-scale Internet of Things (IoT) solutions utilizing massively parallel processing technologies.
  • ONE (www.platone.co), from Italy, delivers a “cloud-ready” end-to-end IoT and machine-to-machine application platform.
  • Preferred Networks (preferred-america.com) of Japan adds intelligence to the Internet of Everything by applying machine learning and Big Data technologies to devices and networks.
  • Embedor Technologies (www.embedortech.com), a startup spun out of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Research Park, develops wireless smart sensor technologies for the structural health monitoring of civil infrastructure. Embedor is the first startup selected for CiscoEIR@CIE, a joint-incubation program launched in partnership with Chicago Innovation Exchange (cie.uchicago.edu), the University of Chicago’s new center for innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Koriist (koriist.com), based in San Diego, California, “stitches” together legacy and smart digital infrastructure, enabling faster and smoother deployment of Smart City solutions. Koriist is the first startup selected for CiscoEIR@EvoNexus, a joint incubation program launched in partnership with EvoNexus (www.commnexus.org/evonexus), a premier startup incubator located in San Diego.

Mala Anand, senior vice president, Cisco Services Platforms Group; executive sponsor of Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence is excited about this, “we launched Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence to extend open innovation efforts at Cisco. The program plays an especially important role in Cisco’s strategic push to catalyze the Internet of Everything market and provides an opportunity for Cisco to identify disruptive technologies early while forging strategic relationships with high-potential startups.”

This is good news as the whole IoT space is warming up. We need support from companies like Cisco to enhance technologies and eco-system in this area.

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