Flipkart : Got a Few Minutes for Lenovo Vibe K5 Demo Before Riding Ola?


Indian startups specially Flipkart and Ola have been called copy cats of Amazon and Uber. However their announcement this week does not seem to be lacking in innovation at all! Flipkart has announced that it has partnered with Ola to deliver a first hand experience of the Lenovo Vibe K5 smartphone to anyone who hails an Ola cab as part of a promotional program. No more guess work – you actually get to touch the phone, play with it and all of that experienced at your doorstep and possibly along your car ride. Flipkart tweeted about this exclusive arrangement.


Lenovo executives and marketing teams must be quite pleased with this relationship as the company launched the product in India on Monday, August 1st. As reported by the Indian Express, Ajay Yadav, VP of Mobiles at Flipkart said at the launch:

“Taking customer experience to the next level, we have partnered with Ola to offer users, a hands-on experience of the Lenovo K5 Note. As part of the pre-launch, customers who take an Ola Prime ride will be able to request for a device preview at their doorstep.” He added, “We are certain through Ola, all the smartphone and technology lovers will get a chance to get acquainted with this latest device.”

Ola’s Raghuvesh Sarup, CMO and Head of Categories also took pride in this launch:

“Ola’s customers will be the first in the country to preview the much awaited Lenovo K5 Note before it becomes available for sale exclusively on Flipkart. Through the specially created VR-RIDE category on the Ola app, customers can experience the smartphone with the same ease as requesting a cab ride.”

Lenovo has launched two models of the Vibe K5 Note in India – the 3GB model is priced at Rs. 11,999 (~$180) and the 4GB model comes at Rs. 13,499 (~$202) and are available in black, silver and gold colors. Lenovo has positioned the K5 to deliver true mobile cinematic experience to Indian consumers. Encased in light metal, this smartphone has a 5.5″ FHD display, enhanced Dolby Atmos® audio, and advanced digital sound technology.

Both Flipkart and Ola are under severe competitive pressure from Amazon and Uber who have deep pockets and are battling Indian companies hard on home turf. For Indian start ups, innovation is the only way to keep ahead and along with new apps and other products and services, smart marketing campaigns as the ongoing Flipkart-Ola-Lenovo are very critical. On this particular one, global companies can take cue and launch campaigns that would physically get consumers closer to products so they can touch and feel them before buying – all from the convenience of their home. Any drones out there?

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