How to Write High Quality Technology Blogs? Students, Professionals, Tech Enthusiasts and Aspiring Authors

So You are Thinking About Writing a Tech Blog?

At VCloud News, we excel is in writing about technology happenings and ensuring our content is analytical, meaningful and geared towards visitors interested in consumer and commercial technology. Periodically, we feature guest posts that are original and in line with our focus areas. If you are interested in sending us a guest blog or simply looking for guidance on how to write rich and good quality technology blogs, below are some recommendations.

Write Something You are Passionate About

Yes, content is king. But if you aren’t passionate about technology its probably not worth spending your precious time writing about it. Instead, focus on sports, arts, food or other area where your passion lies. You don’t have to be a deep technologist to be able to write strong content. If you are a user of a smart watch, tablet or wearable device, you are perfectly qualified to write about your experience. For mobile apps, the best articles are written by users who have played with the features and are able to point out what’s good vs bad. If you have strong technology expertise, you could write ‘how to’ articles or provide commentary on what new technology means to customers and how they should evaluate and compare with competition.

Focus on Latest and Greatest

The Internet is crowded with mundane news and articles all around us. In order to differentiate select topics and develop stories and perspectives that are unique. At VCloud News, we are interested in articles that cover data center, virtualization, converged and hyperconverged infrastructure, cloud, servers, storage, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, Shared Economy and general IT related topics. After you select your focus area, one of the best ways to differentiate is to be extremely analytical vs just relaying news from other sources. Differentiation in title and body content will help you secure a higher SEO spot with Google, Bing and others.

Know Your Audience

Every article is different and so is the reader. You should know the type of audience you are targeting. For e.g. a CIO may have different interests than a CFO. Same for sales, marketing and IT professionals – their interests may vary so it is important for you to know and target you audience accordingly. At VCloud News, we cater to a cross-section of product, sales, engineering/technology, marketing and C level readers and decision makers.

Be Graphic

A good clear picture speaks a thousand words. From creating art work or licensing from commercial vendors, there are multiple ways you can awe your readers by using relevant graphics. WordPress, Drupal and others provide flexible options to showcase your graphics against the text you want to highlight.

Validate Facts & Cite Sources

If you feel passionate about writing a review on a technology product, it is important to check facts either by getting hands on experience with the product or by referencing to a company’s website, checking product manuals etc. Readers generally like content that have good data so they can use in their references.

Keep it Relevant

This is important if you are submitting to a niche technology site or whether writing for your own blog site. If you are looking to monetize your blogs through Adsense or Media.Net or others, make sure your content is focused on the niche your site is about as that drives the right type of ads and helps increase your revenue.

Share It

You need to market your article as widely as possible. Use social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to get exposure to the right audience. If you have a mailing list, you should look at using it to send new articles.

Keep Improving

Content is not constant! Based on reviews, continuous fact checks and technology updates, you should evaluate your articles periodically and update them for fresh content and share with your subscriber list.

If you are excited and want to send us a story to be featured as a guest post, please feel free to e-mail your piece to with a bio and headshot. We only look for original high quality content.

Happy Tech Blogging!

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