HPE StoreVirtual 3200 and MSA 2042 to Empower Small Businesses with More than ‘Good Enough’ Storage


Even with the emergence of the public cloud as a viable option for cheap storage especially for Small and Midsized Businesses (SMBs) and startups, there is still a market for on-premise storage – at least  that’s the message you would get when you see the latest product announcement from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). The company announced new shared storage solutions for SMBs to help modernize their IT with hybrid flash and software-defined storage platform. The price target is extremely aggressive and as per HP, SMBs can get enterprise class storage capabilities under $10K. Bill Philbin, vice president and general manager, Storage, Hewlett Packard Enterprise believes in delivering high performance to SMBs :

“No matter your size, when it comes to today’s digital transformation, ‘good enough’ storage is no longer good enough”

HPE StoreVirtual 3200

sv3200The HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage is the first product in this announcement and it is built using a new dual-controller array based on 64-bit ARM technology, a new RAID stack and advanced storage data services like snapshots, thin provisioning and replication. This hardware platform runs the StoreVirtual operating system which provides scalability, resiliency, and management capabilities to SMB customers. HPE also claims that the 3200 is not just a one-off purchase. Instead, HP wants to futureproof and offer a risk-free path for growth through a composable data fabric that helps HPE ProLiant servers, HPE hyperconverged appliances, and HPE Synergy systems communicate and be managed together.

HPE MSA 2042


The second product in the announcement is the new HPE MSA 2042 which is the next generation of the entry level MSA storage array from HPE. Priced aggressively under $10K, the product offers 800 GB of built-in solid state disk (SSD) capacity plus an all-inclusive software suite that delivers enterprise capabilities to SMBs.

Flash drives provide faster storage read/write performance and automated tiering and data protection features come standard with the new MSA 2042. As per HPE, the product delivers up to 60 percent increase in database transactions per second and 80 percent faster application response times at a 54 percent cost savings.

These two new products from HPE seem to offer capabilities that can benefit SMBs especially if their applications require higher performance and flexibility at an affordable price.

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