IBM FlashSystem V9000 Combines Fast Flash and Software Defined Storage Technologies

ibmlogo In addition to showing progress in cloud execution at last week’s InterConnect 2015, IBM also announced new all-flash enterprise storage solutions that are suitable for applications aimed at providing real-time analytical insights. The company claims that the new solutions offer 50 times better performance than traditional enterprise storage, and up to four times better capacity in less rack space than EMC XtremIO flash technology.

Flash technology has moved from usage in mobile devices to increasingly being adopted in enterprises for overcoming challenges posed by escalating data volumes, velocity, and variety. Flash is considered to be faster and more reliable and efficient than traditional disk based storage.


IBM FlashSystem V9000 offers the advantages of software-defined storage at the speed of flash. This all-flash storage system delivers the full capabilities of the hardware-accelerated I/O provided by FlashCore Technology. FlashSystem V9000 also delivers the enterprise reliability of MicroLatency modules and advanced flash management, coupled with a rich set of the features found in the most advanced software-defined storage solutions. These include Real-time Compression, dynamic tiering, thin provisioning, snapshots, cloning, replication, data copy services and high-availability. Leveraging FlashSystem technology, Coca Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (CCBCC) was able to go from processing 100,000 data points to 3.5 million data points each day. As a result, the company improved their demand forecasting by narrowing the focus from warehouses down to individual customers to better predict how much of which products are needed on any given day and in any particular store or vending machine.

This announcement reinforces IBM’s focus on high performance server and storage systems, cloud based infrastructure and big-data analytics as part of their multi-billion dollar R&D commitment announced over the last couple years.

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