Intel Xeon Phi and 5G Targeted at Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and IoT : IDF 2016 Intel Xeon processor is transforming – from being used for performance hungry IT applications to getting ready for Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). At IDF 2016 day 2, Intel revealed the next generation of the Intel Xeon Phi processor family (code named Knights Mill) and said it is specifically designed for high-performance machine learning and AI needs. Knights Mill, expected to be available in 2017, is optimized for scale-out analytics implementations, and will include key enhancements for deep learning training. The large memory size of the Intel Xeon Phi processor family is helping Baidu with machine learning and has made it easier to train their models efficiently.

bryant-keynote-56-690x460_cDiane Bryant, Intel executive vice president and general manager of its Data Center Group, who disclosed details on the next-generation of the Intel Xeon Phi processor family in her keynote also announced the availability of Silicon Photonics, an expanded partnership with AT&T on the development of new cloud services and a collaboration with Baidu to optimize its DeepSpeech platform.

Intel also announced its commitment to 5G as a foundational technology required for IoT. Reliable communication between devices and to the cloud using wireless networks will be critical and there is need for faster, more efficient and intelligent networks. Intel is working with AT&T on delivering 5G end-to-end with solutions from the device to the network and cloud, as well as to enable meaningful collaboration with cross-industry leaders – from device manufacturers to equipment makers to network operators.

According to Intel :

Intel is laying the groundwork for a smarter and more connected world with 5G technologies. 5G is the next generation wireless network built to unleash the potential of the billions of things and devices and the data they will generate for amazing new experiences. 5G connectivity will be foundational to linking everything that is around us and continually feed the virtuous cycle of growth for the industry.

AT&T Chief Strategy Officer John Donovan who was on the IDF stage said AT&T is already using server, cloud and virtualization technologies to more quickly and cost-efficiently deliver more value to its customers. With 5G, the partnership will Intel will elevate to the next level to address the network needs of billions of connected devices and massive amounts of data generated from those devices. The Xeon Phi will help with back-end IoT infrastructure and new IoT edge device level technology from Intel and AT&T would help deliver a complete solution.


In his keynote, Murthy Renduchintala, president of Intel’s Client and Internet of Things Businesses and Systems Architecture Group gave his perspective on the connected world and pointed out 3 technology trends that will shape the future :

  1. Computing will become pervasive and ambient.
  2. Compute, Analytics and Storage will be integrated into the very fabric of network
  3. Connectivity the life Blood will bind everything together.

If you consider IT initiatives such as Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC), Software Defined Networking (SDN) or just virtualization or other public and private cloud technologies, we will see evidence of all three factors above. The big change is that the above factors are becoming unavoidable in the world of IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Intel’s future is dependent on how much the company can influence and lead with technologies that can help drive this massive shift to a completely connected world.

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