NIMBOXX Delivers VERDE Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) on Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

NIMBOXX, an IT  Infrastructure solution player that offers an appliance based Hyper-Convergence solution announced that it has acquired the VERDE enterprise virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) business from Virtual Bridges.

Hyper-Convergence has been in the news lately. VCloud News just covered the evolution of converged and hyper-converged infrastructure along with EMC’s VSPEX BLUE announcement. NIMBOXX claims to have created the atomic unit of the software-defined data center.

Just like other hyper-converged systems, NIMBOXX packages server, storage, networking and security in a single system. The company is a strong proponent of open-source and on their product page, their message is clear

“Software licenses for virtualization often cost more than the actual systems, and companies with hyper-scale data centers (e.g., Google and Amazon) don’t pay VMware or Microsoft for virtualization licenses — why should you?”

NIMBOXX delivers its data center-in-a-box on commodity hardware and utilizes a highly-leveraged open source software stack, including KVM hypervisor used in hyper-scale data centers. The company also positions itself as being different from other solutions by having direct control of all hardware resources. This helps deliver overall higher performance.

Companies in hyper-converged area e.g. Nutanix, Simplivity, Scale Computing and NIMBOXX are all in news for positive reasons these days. Nutanix just surpassed $300M booking run-rate. With this news, NIMBOXX is trying to take a big step in adding value on top of Hyper-Converged infrastructure and differentiating from others.

“Virtual desktop infrastructure is a perfect example of an application that benefits greatly from our hyperconverged technology,” said Rocky Bullock, CEO of NIMBOXX. “The combination of VERDE and NIMBOXX will give customers unprecedented VM density, deployment simplicity and affordability. At the same time, this is only one workload where our technology is making a huge impact. We will continue to grow our footprint in the hyperconverged infrastructure space, making software-defined data centers more accessible to resource-constrained organizations.”

The company will now be able to deliver an all-NIMBOXX solution for VDI deployments, eliminating the complexity and economic issues associated with piece-meal VDI solutions.  The VERDE technology will allow NIMBOXX to deliver a turnkey offering for virtual desktop workloads while also accelerating the broader NIMBOXX mission to deliver a software-defined data center-in-a-box to companies of all sizes.

Mark Bowker, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group also supported this move and said,

“This is the year for disrupters in the hyperconverged infrastructure space to start distinguishing themselves from the rest of the pack through innovative products, customer successes and strategic partnerships. By acquiring Virtual Bridges’ VERDE, NIMBOXX has taken an important step toward further differentiating its position in the market and simplifying desktop delivery which is a leading deployment use case for hyperconverged infrastructure deployments.”

The NIMBOXX move must have alerted pure Converged Infrastructure players such as VCE (vBlock), Netapp (FlexPod) etc as it could potentially challenge the VMware View based reference architecture that they validate, sell and support on converged infrastructure today.

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