Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Gets a Boost with PernixData and Storage Acceleration and DevOps Additions

NutanixpernixAs VMware kicked off VMworld 2016 and unveiled Cloud Foundation and Cross-Cloud Architecture in a move to enable Digital Transformation, Nutanix which competes with VMware on heterogeneous cloud management also announced its furthering ambitions by acquiring PernixData, a data acceleration and analytics company and a provider of DevOps automation technologies.

Nutanix is undergoing a transformation from a hyperconverged infrastructure solutions provider to an enterprise cloud management player. Most data centers are heterogenous in nature with workloads running on both physical and virtual infrastructures. Nutanix Enterprise cloud is positioned as a solution to simplify management of disparate resources. The addition of PernixData and can help Nutanix with technologies that can accelerate the delivery of an agile, automated and simple cloud management platform that resembles the public cloud but provides the control of a private cloud.

Dheeraj Pandey, Founder, CEO and Chairman, Nutanix feels these moves signify more than just technology acquisition:

“PernixData and both have exceptional technology, solid engineering teams, and visionary leaders with the ‘Founder’s Mentality’; they have dreamt big and persevered against great odds to build phenomenal products.”

Architectural Synergy

PernixData is similar to Nutanix as the foundation of the company has been all about optimizing storage performance, management and cost. The company has two main product lines.



FVP software is PernixData’s platform for storage acceleration. It eliminates performance bottlenecks by creating a low latency, fault tolerant I/O acceleration tier using server flash/RAM. The result is fast VMs with scale-out growth.

Architect software is the a platform for storage management. It marries VM and storage intelligence for proactive data center design, deployment, operations and optimization. It is completely hardware independent, giving unsurpassed visibility and control in any data center environment.

In his blog, Sunil Potti, Chief Product and Development Officer writes,

PernixData and Nutanix share the architectural design philosophy that next-generation datacenter fabrics must keep data and applications close in order to drive the fastest possible performance and to deliver flexible, cost-effective infrastructure scaling.

Sunil also feels that server-side storage technologies are going to become 100x faster with Intel’s push towards NVMe and storage-class memory and therefore we can put data and applications closer to the CPU and also achieve workload mobility without dependence on a hypervisor. For VMware this is not the best of news for its hypervisor based business but the company is also repositioning as a multi-cloud management provider which is the main theme at VMworld 2016.

Fast Application Deployment in the Cloud

Cloud regardless of public or private has one common goal – serve applications seamlessly to users. But customers need to pick the right cloud management tool to enable smooth application deployment. will provide Nutanix Enterprise Cloud with calm_logo_rgb-copyautomation and management capabilities to its existing software stack to deliver application and service orchestration, runtime lifecycle management, policy-based governance, comprehensive reporting and auditing services to support all application environments, including virtual machines, containers and microservices.

Aaditya Sood, CEO and founder who believes in ‘never send a human to do a machine’s job’ wrote in his blog about automation:

In order to realize this goal, we first built what is arguably the world’s best runbook orchestration engine, Epsilon. Epsilon brought agentless, enterprise-grade automation to some of the most mission critical workloads.

The combination of Nutanix and will provide enterprises with the DevOps tools they need to run in a mobile and cloud first era.

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