Q&A : IoT Thought Leader Vodafone’s Andrew Morawski on M2M, IoT, Cloud and Analytics

andrewmorawskiVCloudNews is pleased to feature Andrew Morawski , Head of Machine to Machine (M2M), Vodafone Americas in our Internet of Things (IoT) Thought Leader series. Andrew is a well recognized industry expert in Machine to Machine (M2M) and IoT. Andrew joined Vodafone in 2013 as its head of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) in the Americas.  In this role, Andrew is responsible for leading Vodafone’s M2M sales, strategy and operational initiatives in North and South America. Vodafone has connected M2M customers globally and is behind some of the world’s most prominent and successful M2M deployments, which include BMW and TomTom.

In this exclusive Q&A with VCloudNews, Andrew provides his insight on general M2M and IoT trends, technologies and Vodafone’s strategy.

VCloudNews: Tell us about your role at Vodafone?

1287x929_vodafone_logoAndrew Morawski: I am responsible for leading Vodafone’s M2M business in the Americas. This includes sales, strategy and operational initiatives in North and South America. In the U.S. in particular, there is so much innovation and opportunity in the Internet of Things, and I focus on the application of our M2M technologies to enable creative new business models.

Everyone has a definition and view for the Internet of Things – what’s yours?

To us, the Internet of Things is about connecting people through applications that help transform life and business. At Vodafone, we focus on machine-to-machine (M2M) technology which makes the Internet of Things possible by connecting machines, devices and objects to the internet, turning them into ‘intelligent’ assets that communicate with the world around them. M2M solutions open up a new range of possibilities for businesses – how they operate, how they grow and how they keep customers happy.

Is IoT a technology or services play for Vodafone?

The Internet of Things is both a technology and services play for Vodafone. Vodafone brings together unrivaled capabilities – the world’s largest communications network, along with the Vodafone Global M2M Platform. The combination of Vodafone’s fully-owned network and strong partner alliances provides customers with the consistency, reliability and service quality that enterprises demand to run their most critical operations. And, Vodafone’s Global M2M Platform is designed to help companies manage their connected M2M deployments anywhere in the world simply and efficiently.

Are there specific verticals in M2M/IoT that you are focused on?

We see opportunities across all verticals, including automotive, energy & utilities, manufacturing and healthcare. In the Americas in particular, we see great momentum in the healthcare space. Just last week, we announced that Vodafone’s M2M technology is integrated-m2m-terminalsenabling PHT Corporation, the leading provider of technologies used to collect electronic data for clinical research from patients, to more efficiently manage worldwide clinical trials through real-time access to patient experience data – enabling researchers to make faster decisions with confidence. Earlier this year we also announced Vodafone’s M2M technology is enabling connected health provider Lively’s products, a system of sensors placed around the home to help  seniors live independent lives while staying connected to loved ones.

Is IoT real? Any impactful use cases you would like to highlight for our readers?

The Internet of Things is no longer just a concept, it’s real technology that’s leading to whole new business models and products. For example, within the automotive industry, car manufacturers are tasked with meeting consumers expectation for connectivity, telematics, and safety features within the car. Leveraging Vodafone automotive telematics and M2M technology, in certain countries Porsche owners can interact with their vehicle through a smartphone to remotely locate the position of the vehicle, fold exterior mirrors, set timers for charging, read the tire pressure or set a geo and speed fence.

What are the emerging trends in M2M/IoT?

Analytics is evolving as one of the biggest trends in the IoT space. After first implementing M2M to simplify processes, companies now realize the data produced by M2M solutions has potentially huge value in other business processes, like inventory management, sales forecasts, pricing and target promotions.

How significant is the role of cloud and big data within IoT?

In the next few years, we will see increasingly more advanced and predictive analytics that will leverage the value of the cloud and big data to make more informed decisions in real time using historical, current and predictive sources. With the wealth of data created by connected devices, the role of analytics especially is becoming more and more important. Organizations are now including big data as an inherent part of an M2M strategy. In fact, 75 percent of M2M adopters say they are using analytics, and 88 percent expect to do so in three years’ time, according to a Vodafone study. Enterprises will need to invest in specialists with big data skills.  

What are some of the business and technological challenges in IoT?

IoT is capable of transforming organizations, ultimately improving the bottom line and driving innovation. While organizations may want to leap straight into an IoT strategy there are steps companies should consider to prepare their organization to help drive the maximum potential from IoT opportunities. This includes establishing C-Suite buy in, a commitment of time and resources from key stakeholders, and building a workforce that is ready to work with IT in a collaborative manner.

One of the technological challenges facing the M2M market place is the lack of common industry standards. Those who are not adopting M2M today, cite the complexity as the overarching barrier.  Security complexity is a concern, but they’re joined by issues around industry standards, implementation timescales and the complexity of the supplier marketplace. However, we believe security and privacy standards will emerge in the next two to five year years, which will help to speed adoption at that time.

What can you tell us about your IoT strategy over the next several years?

The M2M market is evolving into the broader IOT market.  This is a much larger market of smart connected assets & products with more communications methods and much more data will be analyzed.  We are uniquely placed to offer M2M customers choice among converging technologies – fixed, mobile and cloud. We created the industry-defining hardware that is the dependable backbone of M2M – the Vodafone Global SIM, and have the largest global network to support deployment of M2M globally.

Our strategy is to extend further along the M2M value chain and we have developed a portfolio of our own M2M solutions that incorporate our Managed M2M Communications service with hardware and application services. These solutions include integrated M2M terminals, remote monitoring and control services, energy data management, mobile asset tracking, connected food/drink vending cabinets and usage based insurance.

We are also extending our capabilities to offer end to end solution in this dynamic market place. With acquisition of Cobra Technologies, which is now Vodafone Automotive, Vodafone can now offer comprehensive telematics solutions. Customers are looking for simple way of adopting IOT technologies.  By combining communication methods and broad set of solutions, Vodafone will continue to enable customers in key vertical industries around the world.

How have you personally been impacted by IoT?

IoT really is becoming pervasive.  I don’t think people realize how much they are touched by it.  When its cold, I start my car from my mobile device.  I download my morning news on my Kindle Fire. I use my TomTom device in my car to bypass traffic. I pay for things using my smartphone…  it touches almost every part of my day.

Andrew Morawski , Head of Machine to Machine (M2M) in the Americas

andrewmorawskiAndrew joined Vodafone in 2013 as its head of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) in the Americas.  In this role, Andrew is responsible for leading Vodafone’s M2M sales, strategy and operational initiatives in North and South America. His key area of focus for the region is the application of M2M technologies which enable creative new business models to drive growth in both established and emerging markets. “The Americas region is a distinct combination of markets which Vodafone is uniquely positioned to serve. The expertise Vodafone brings as the true leader in M2M solutions brings significant advantage to enterprises looking to develop new revenue streams from solutions in this space”.

Andrew brings a wealth of experience in the global telecommunications industry to the role. He joins from Cable&Wireless Worldwide where he was the Managing Director for the Americas for the past three years. In this role, Andrew had overall commercial and strategic responsibility for the company’s enterprise and carrier sales, marketing, HR and service delivery operations in the region. Prior to joining Cable&Wireless Worldwide, Andrew worked for Telstra for over a decade in multiple roles including President and CEO of Telstra Inc, leading the Americas region for Telstra International.

Andrew has also held senior management roles with organizations such as Nortel where he managed the relationship between Nortel and SBC through the acquisition of Pacific Bell and SNET. He has also worked as Director of Sales Operations and Regional Vice President of Sales for Prism Communications as well as holding sales and management positions with Nynex Meridian Systems.

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