VMware and Google – Synergies for Big Data Analytics on Private and Public Cloud

VMware continues to push the envelope on vCloud Air which will now be integrated with Google Cloud Platform to deliver greater enterprise access to public cloud services as announced by VMware this week.

There are benefits to both companies. Google’s main business is about analytics and the significance of this news is Google BigQuery will be accessible from the vCloud Air portal. This allows real-time big data analytics service through VMware vCloud Air based cloud and enables running ad-hoc business intelligence queries across billions of data points in seconds. This partnership also entails support for Google Cloud Storage and Google Cloud Datastore which will allow enterprises access to hyper-scale NoSQL database and storage needed for big data analytics. VMware’s hybrid cloud product portfolio will now be big data ready and therefore enable it to compete better with pure play public cloud players such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. Google too will also get more power against AWS however in many ways, with Google’s Compute Cloud there will be co-opetition between the two companies.

“Our collaboration will provide customers with a unique hybrid solution that combines the power and efficiencies of VMware virtualization and the hyperscale of Google Cloud Platform,” said Murali Sitaram, managing director, Global Partner Strategy & Alliances, Google. “As a result of this agreement, enterprise customers will be able to combine their VMware cloud environments with the security, scalability, and price performance of Google’s public cloud, built on the same infrastructure that allows Google to return billions of search results in milliseconds.”

If we bring EMC into the picture, they get the benefit of having multiple cloud approaches for different market segments. With Pivotal, the company is pushing Platform as a Services (PaaS) utilizing open-source Cloud Foundry. This partnership equips EMC with wider and deeper capabilities within the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and big data analytics arena.

“We are excited to expand our relationship with Google, and offer customers the ability to use Google’s rich portfolio of services while running their mission critical applications on the vCloud air platform,” said Bill Fathers, executive vice president and general manager, Cloud Services Business Unit, VMware. “Through this agreement, customers will gain the benefit of both vCloud Air and Google Cloud Platform in a single hybrid cloud service, supported by VMware, and fully compatible with their existing vSphere®-based data center infrastructure.”

The integration is expected to be available later in 2015. The integration also has the potential of introducing yet another cloud management and operations problem. Therefore, both companies are also exploring extended management support for Google Cloud Platform as part of VMware’s vRealize Cloud Management Suite.

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  • BigQuery will not run on vCloud Air. With this agreement VMware will provide access to Google’s services, including BigQuery, from the vCloud Air portal. The services themselves will continue to run in Google’s data centers.

  • Big data services are an attractive cloud lure for enterprises. AWS, Azure and Google are fighting for number one!!

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